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Ulan West Project - Stage 2

Ulan West is the underground expansion of existing coal mines at Ulan, NSW (45km north of Mudgee). Stage 2 of the project was managed by Parsons Brinckerhoff and de Witt Consulting was employed by Parsons Brinckerhoff (“PB”) as Project Surveyors to oversee all survey requirements for the project. As Project Surveyors our role included the placement and verification of survey control, detail surveys of existing conveyors and structures to facilitate the design of new conveyor systems, set out of civil works (access roads, conveyor traces, fenced, services etc), set out of underground portals and headings, design and redesign of civil works. Through our involvement with PB, de Witt was also directly engaged on the project by Glencore themselves, and other contractors employed by PB such as BMD, PJL Constructions, O’Donnell Griffin, TRC Concrete, Flakt Woods Fans, Hunter Water Australia, Monadelphous and Downer.

Downer Group was employed by Glencore/PB as principal contractor to construct surface infrastructure including two kilometres of overland, underground and aerial conveyors, a seven storey sizing station, a new transfer house and upgrade of existing transfer houses, upgrade of existing conveyor impact points, extension of existing conveyors and other associated civil and mechanical structures. de Witt was employed by Downer in a full time (18 months) capacity to provide survey services for all works  including preparation of set out files, set out and as-built surveys for civil works, concrete and hold down bolts, verticality and level checks on structures, alignment of conveyors and pulleys, beam deflection checks, preparation of QA reports, laser scanning of existing structures among other tasks. de Witt provided 2 full time survey crews for the majority of the project with additional crews being supplied during shutdowns and night shifts. 

Our successful completion of this project and good working relationship with Downer directly led to deWitt continuing to work with Downer at Wilpingjong Coal Mine on their tailings filtration construction project. This project was run though our nearby office in Gulgong.

In the early works of the Stage 2 Construction of The Ulan West Project deWitt Consulting was engaged to provide Laser Scanning Services to Downer Engineering to capture existing structural elements that were to be tied into the new coal handling facilities. The structural elements required ranged from the positions of existing baseplates, steel columns and beams, conveyor idler frames, conveyor pulleys, coal shoots and take up pulley rails. Conventionally these types of surveys are very time consuming as the surveyor must individually locate each critical point which needs to be then marked up on a plan or photograph for the designer in addition to the x, y, z point data. Utilising Laser Scanning technology allows a full 3D ‘point cloud’ to be captured in minutes which can be directly provided to the designer with an overlaid photograph taken by the Scanner during the scanning process. The superior deliverable allows the designer to quickly and confidently move through a point cloud and analyse existing structural elements and indeed other details which may not have been realised in a ‘normal’ survey or visual inspection. As with any other survey data, point cloud data can be related to site survey control (for instance MGA and AHD) and be scaled between grid and ground coordinate systems.

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