Drone Professionals in Newcastle, Sydney & Western NSW

de Witt Consulting are CASA certified to provide a wide range of services utilising the latest drone technology. Our licensed personnel’s are able to provide a variety of high quality survey, mapping, GIS and visualization products. Drones are increasingly being used to supplement traditional survey products to improve efficiency of data capture, minimise safety concerns and reduce costs. de Witt Consulting’s drone capabilities are GPS RTK guided, which allows improved accuracies and efficiencies. Our team of surveyors are able to verify inflight data providing confident results from our products. All outputs can be tailored to suit our clients needs and all major file types are supported.


  • Georeferenced aerial imagery and orthomosiac images;
    • Detailed high-quality imagery suitable for Construction planning and GIS applications.
  • Point clouds;
    • Point clouds are large data sets that can be manipulated to extract 3d information for various purposes.
  • 3d photo visualisations;
    • Effective for architectural applications, monitoring and planning.
  • Small and large scale topographic surfaces;
    • From small detail surveys to extended road/rail corridors.
    • Contours.
    • Detail surveys.
  • Volumetric calculations;
    • End of month construction volumes.
    • Stockpiles.
    • Bulk earthworks.

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