Easement in Newcastle, Sydney & Western NSW

An easement is a right to use land which isn’t owned by the person or authority benefiting from that right for a specific purpose. Easements can be created by several different processes. de Witt Consulting regularly create and extinguish easements using these processes and can advise of the right process for each circumstance. It is important to get good advice upfront as there are varying costs involved when dealing with easements and their method of creation or extinguishment.

de Witt consulting has been established since 2003 and has a team of Registered Land surveyors that can advise you on the appropriate process to follow if you have an easement requirement. We can also assist in plan lodgements with Land Registry Services (LRS) if required. With offices in Charlestown, Gulgong and Sydney we cover a large area of NSW.

Examples of Easements are, but not limited to:-

  • Easement to Drain water
  • Right of Carriageway
  • Easement to Drain Sewerage
  • Easement for electricity purposes
  • Easement for services
  • Easement for pipeline
  • Right of Way
  • Right of Access
  • Easement for encroaching structure to remain

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