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Contour & Detail Surveying in Newcastle, Sydney & Western NSW

de Witt Consulting have the capacity and knowledge to complete detail surveys for all project investigation and design requirements through the use of conventional Total Stations and GPS as well as Laser Scanning technologies or indeed a combination of all. Working consistently with engineers, architects and project managers our surveyors always look to undertake surveys and prepare deliverables using the most efficient means available whilst adhering to accuracy, quality and safety requirements. These surveys can be known as topographic surveys, contour surveys and/or detail surveys and can be used for varying applications including design, flood studies, volume calculations and planning. de Witt Consulting have offices across NSW at Charlestown, Gulgong and Sydney.

Examples of these surveys include:

  • All topographical and feature surveys.
  • Greenfield development sites.
  • Development sites including details of adjoining structures.
  • Road detail surveys (de Witt Consulting are Roads and Maritime Service panel members).
  • Rail detail and track alignment surveys.

Sylvia Waters, Nords Wharf

Sylvia Waters is a 100-lot residential subdivision by Nords Wharf Development Company that began its civil construction works in mid-2022 and was registered by de Witt Consulting’s Registered Surveyors in February 2023. The project was approved by the Independent Planning [...]

Residential and Rural Detail and Contour Surveys

de Witt Consulting are most commonly engaged to undertake residential detail surveys for the purposes of the design of; additions/extensions to the existing dwelling, knock down of existing dwelling and then rebuilding projects, landscaping improvements, proposed dual occupancy or small [...]

Road Detail and Contour Surveys

de Witt Consulting are a trusted provider of road detail and contour surveys to many land owners, developers, authorities, councils and construction companies for the purposes of; new driveway design, new development access to existing roads, new road design, existing [...]

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