Sewer & Water Minor Works Experts in Newcastle, Sydney & Western NSW

Are you building a new house? Are you subdividing your land or just need to move your water service or sewer junction. If so, you’ll need to make an application to Hunter Water for a Section 50 certificate. This will state if you require a Minor works Agreement.

Routine Minor Works is generally used when your development requires:

  • Gravity sewerage reticulation less than 25m long, less than 1.5m deep, diameter of 150mm or less and water services
  • Design by an Accredited Design Consultant
  • Constructed by a Licensed Plumber or Accredited Construction Contractor

de Witt Consulting, as an accredited design consultant with Hunter Water can guide you through the process, and we can design your works, supervise your plumber or contractor, and sign off on your works on behalf of Hunter Water.

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