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de Witt Ecology principal ecologist, John Paul King has over 25 years’ of experience undertaking high quality wildlife and wetland ecology monitoring and research for Institutions and Agencies. Some projects require long term quantitative data, complicated analysis and detailed recommendations to support the project specific conservation aims. In the current age, automation of survey techniques has greatly improved cost effectiveness of these types of works. For example, motion cameras and occupancy modelling is significantly more cost effective than live animal trapping and population estimations. Other methods, like raster image analysis and modelling can be used to effectively monitor a range of analysis using the same image, either retrospective analysis, modelling of changes, stress or classification.  Automated audio data collection and analysis of calls is a growing area of works in wildlife ecology. Methods to estimate abundance, species diversity, and activity levels are being developed by de Witt Ecology for projects on frogs and birds.

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