In preparation for stages 2 and 3 of the remediation, de Witt’s surveying team undertook a laser scan survey of the entire 780 metre length of the tunnel including coordinating the point cloud data from the scans and the design alignment to ARTC survey control. The deliverables included providing ARTC with point cloud data, DTM model of the tunnel walls/structure as well as cross sectional data at 5 metre intervals at the two remediation sites within the tunnel. This survey was carried out over 2 days within a rail possession. Additionally during the following possession our team completed the installation of further survey control and monitoring points (prisms and spigots) within the tunnel to provide for monitoring during construction and provided advice to ARTC with regards to methodologies for ongoing monitoring surveys. In the reconstruction phase of this project, de Witt Consulting were engaged by Goldsprings Rail to provide survey support for the construction as well as provide real time monitoring of the tunnel during construction to satisfy ARTC monitoring requirements.

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