de Witt Consulting has been steadily growing our laser scanning capabilities since our initial acquisition a Leica C10 Scanner. We have recently added two laser scanners to enhance our survey laser scanning technologies to build upon the trusted capabilities of the Leica C10.  Our new Leica RTC360 and Leica BLK360, are two fast and light weight scanners allowing us to efficiently and accurately cover short range (BLK360) and medium range (RTC360) scanning projects extremely quickly, efficiently and therefore cost effectively.

The BLK360 is perfect for internal scanning for architectural floor plans, lettable areas, walk throughs etc, and the RTC360 is perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses generating high resolution scans, with High Dynamic Range imaging. We are able to provide deliverables such as; utilising Leica’s free TrueView viewer, our non-technical clients can quickly and easily move through the 3D Point Cloud Scan worlds enabling seamless collaboration with designers, builders and consultants; viewing and taking measurements without the need to even attend site or purchase any additional costly software.

Our technical end users are able to import our  point cloud deliverable into their design software to enable highly accurate design integration with existing features.

These new scanners, along with our existing GPS guided UAV/drones means de Witt Consulting are a perfect choice if you require accurate and efficient; detailed amounts of data capture on or within buildings, structures, roads or industrial applications.