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Pacific Highway
Oxley Highway to Kundabung Upgrade

Oxley Highway to Kundabung upgrade

de Witt Consulting have recently completed for Lend Lease a survey to install the Project Survey Control and to replace all affected State Survey Mark and Permanent Marks identified by the Lands Department for the OH2K Project. This 23 kilometre project is the southern stage of the larger 37 kilometre Oxley Highway to Kempsey project and includes new bridges over the Hastings and Wilson Rivers and a major interchange at Blackmans Point Road. de Witt undertook a major static GPS surveying project to coordinate primary control at 500 metre intervals along the proposed road alignment, and have undertaken appropriate reduction and adjustment using the surrounding SCIMS delivering these results to Lend Lease.

Following on from this de Witt have completed the subsidiary placement of infill marks by conventional best practice techniques such as set of angles traversing with total stations and digital levelling to SP1 requirements.

This project has utilised varied de Witt Consulting resources including at its peak four site based two person survey parties and a dedicated Registered Surveyor working within the de Witt office processing the control survey data.  Our ongoing resourcing of this project includes a fulltime surveyor engaged to look after the ongoing expansion and replacement of the control network along with general construction tasks such as monitoring, set out and conformance.

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