de Witt Consulting have been involved with this project from inception and have handled all planning and approvals associated with the consent of this landmark project in Warners bay. de Witt were engaged by the developer ongoingly to undertake all survey services associated with the stratum and strata subdivision of this 112 Lot Residential and Commercial mixed use development. de Witt Registered Surveyors worked closely with the Development team including Developer, Solicitor and Strata manager to prepare a Stratum plan subdividing the commercial and residential components of the scheme along with all the associated complex easements required to facilitate such a subdivision in a shared building, our team similarly has worked closely with the development team to prepare the 112 Lot residential strata plan to further subdivide the residential stratum lot in to its respective strata scheme.

Within such space de Witt’s were able to provide advice on common property requirements, bylaws, exclusive use requirements, new legislation regarding the requirement to have a certified valuer prepare valuations for unit entitlement purposes and the use of a strata certifier to speed up the strata subdivision sign off timing.