de Witt Consulting prepared a Review of Environmental Factors (REF) for two sites within the Port of Newcastle in support of an application to Newcastle Port Corporation for a proposed tug boat base. Our involvement in the project extended past just preparing the relevant planning documentation and assessment. de Witt Consulting undertook the coordination and project management of a number of specialists who had input into the project including but not limited to, structural, civil and marine engineers to ensure the project was delivered on time. The development involved the construction and operation of a new Tug Boat Base including construction of spud piles; mooring of a pontoon; operation of four tug boats; installation of an access link platform; parking and vehicle turning areas; lighting; installation of two portable buildings for administration and amenities and storage areas.

de Witt Consulting were further involved with the project through gaining additional government approvals and licenses as well as assisting with management through the construction phase of the civil contractor who was undertaking works on both land and seaward sides.