de Witt Consulting were engaged by long-time client Mavid Constructions development arm to prepare the final strata plans for the 3 stages of the development of this iconic site. The 3 stages of this staged strata development have a total of 44 dwellings and have hence required the creation of 46 Lots across these 3 stages with the addition of 2 development lots being required to facilitate the progressive stages through the process. de Witt working closely with our client were able to undertake all required fieldwork efficiently within limited trips to the site to ensure value for money for our client. As with all de Witt strata projects we were able to provide information to our client regarding our fieldwork requirements to ensure our site visits captured all information to proceed with finalisation of each stages strata plan at the earliest possible time. Apart from directly preparing the strata plans themselves de Witt were able to assist the project team by offering critical advise toward the preparation of the bylaws and the development contract along with preparing the development contract plans.