The Community Title legislation was created in 1973 to fill the void between traditional methods of subdivision and strata subdivision (previously the only methods of subdividing land in NSW). The effect of the legislation enabled shared or community property to be created within conventional subdivisions. Community Title legislation allows for the provision of common facilities and common areas to attract homeowners into particular developments for facilities that they may otherwise not be able to afford. It can also provide a path forward for developers to develop otherwise undevelopable projects due to site constraints or the need for the provision of particular shared infrastructure that will not be provided by local Councils or authorities.

de Witt Consulting has been involved with several Community Title projects from conception where this title system allowed the successful development of strong communities for the developer and the incoming owners. Our planners and surveyors are able to offer expert advice on the options available to developers within the community title legislation and to complete all aspects of the planning and surveying of such developments.