de Witt Consulting managed the survey control network and the Preservation of Survey Infrastructure (POSI) requirements for Lend Lease on the 23km Oxley Highway to Kundabung Project in accordance with RMS Specification G71. This 23 kilometre project was the southern stage of the larger 37 kilometre Oxley Highway to Kempsey project and included new bridges over the Hastings and Wilson Rivers and a major interchange at Blackmans Point Road.

de Witt Consulting’s role has been to verify the integrity of the survey control network provided by RMS, infill and replace control where necessary at the beginning of the project and ongoingly. To do so de Witt undertook a major static GNSS surveying project to coordinate primary control at 500 metre intervals along the proposed road alignment, using the surrounding SCIMS network to undertake constrained adjustments. Within this 500 metre control spine conventional best practice techniques were used to verify, infill or replace further control at approximately 100 metre intervals for the project length via set of angles traversing with total stations and digital levelling to G71 requirements. These results were provided to Lend Lease regularly via a project control schedule which included mark numbers, descriptions/type, coordinates and heights along with the origin and quality of marks. At the peak of the works de Witt had four full time survey parties on site undertaking various elements of the control survey described above which was all coordinated via a de Witt Senior Registered Surveyor overseeing the project.

Further to the above control mandate de Witt were also engaged by lend Lease to identify and recover all permanent marks and cadastral reference marks likely to be affected by the works and to undertake the replacement of all affected State Survey Mark and Permanent Marks required by the Lands Department (now Spatial Services) for the Project, all works have been undertaken in accordance with G71, The Surveying and Spatial Information Regulation and SP1 on behalf of Lend Lease. de Witt were proud to have been involved with this project.