de Witt Consulting was engaged by Stephen Edwards Constructions in June 2019 to complete the required survey to manage the preservation of survey infrastructure which were to be destroyed during major construction works.  de Witt Consulting has built relationships over many years with government authorities which is critical to the success of such Survey Infrastructure projects, and hence liaised closely with the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation to undergo the survey.

Typically, projects where the preservation of survey infrastructure is involved, the timeframe to complete such surveys is critical to allow these major construction works to continue without delay.  de Witt Consulting had the capacity to move quickly for the client and complete the survey to meet the high order accuracy requirements outlined in the relevant Standards for Control documentation (SP1), and in accordance with the Surveying and Spatial Information Act and Regulation.

Our methodical and accurate approach lead to providing the required set of deliverables and ultimately the approval to remove exiting survey marks and their replacement with new Survey Marks which are now in use within the area.